Share Worthy Tuna Crunch Salad

For me, leftovers are for lunches.  Either leftovers or salad.  And sometimes, just sometimes, that gets a little redundant.  So what do I do when I want to mix up my leftovers or salad routine?  I make a variation of a salad.  I’m so wild, guys.  I tell ya…

Even though this lunch may not be that far outside of my comfort zone, it is worth sharing with you all because it is TASTY.  It fulfills my need for a “crunch” in all of my meals and keeps me full until my typical 4 pm snack/pre-workout fuel.  

What do you typically bring for lunch?

Another perk of this recipe is that it can be taken on-the-go.  I have the habit of eating at my desk during my busy days at the office and this lunch is perfect for that.  I just pack it the night before, throw it in the fridge, take it to work and when I’m ready to eat I add some lemon juice and balsamic then chow down!

Shareworthy Tuna Crunch Salad

Shareworthy Tuna Crunch Salad

Share Worthy Tuna Crunch Salad:

Ingredients – 

1 small can chunk tuna in water

1 small apple (I used Fuji, but use whichever apple you prefer.  Green apple would be great!)

3-5 baby carrots, chopped

1/2 stalk of celery, chopped

4 slices of cucumber, chopped

3/4 head of romaine lettuce, roughly chopped

Handful of spinach, roughly chopped

Handful of unsalted almonds, roughly chopped (can sub walnuts, peanuts, etc.)

Lemon juice 

Balsamic (optional)

Pepper, to taste


Directions – 

Chop lettuce and spinach, add to plasticware container.  Then add carrots, cucumber and celery to container and seal with lid.  When ready to eat, slice apple and add to container.  Also, add 1 small can of tuna on top.  Finally, squeeze with fresh lemon juice,add balsamic, if desired, and add a shake of pepper.  Top with rough chopped almonds for that extra crunch.  




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