My Struggle With Listening to My Body

I always “preach” about listening to your body and not pushing it if you’re under-the-weather, nursing an injury, etcetera.  But, I have to be honest with myself and really look at how often I follow this advice I so often give out.  

To be honest with all of you, taking it easy and having “rest” days when my body tells me to is tough on me.  I love working out (most of the time) and feel lazy when I take time off…even when it’s time off that my body needs to recover or heal itself, even from the beast of a common cold.

Does anyone else struggle with this? How do you get over it?

Listen to your body

I am working on it by evaluating how my body feels, seeing if it needs rest in any area: Is my long-standing knee pain hurting when I run long distance?  How is my rib feeling today?  Do I need to back off my intensity a little? If I think I need to cut a run or do a lower impact workout, then I am trying to listen to that need.  On days when I feel like I need a day off, I make sure I’m still active by going on a long walk with my dog, taking a yoga class or foam rolling.  

I have found through months of trying to figure out how to listen to my body that the best way for me to “reset” is to spend time outside enjoying nature or spending time in a quiet place, alone with a yoga mat and some good music meditating and going through some stretches or yoga poses.

A break from your routine

What helps you reset or recharge?


2 thoughts on “My Struggle With Listening to My Body

  1. Well…I just turned up with a near-stress-fracture on my left foot. I listened to my body when it started to hurt, got to my podiatrist, and got it before it became a stress fracture. I’m on a 2 week swimming and only weights with the upper body regimen. It sucks…but at least I’ll heal and get back out there to run.

    • Your viewpoint is exactly what I’m trying to adopt. I don’t have to like taking a break sometimes, but I have to know when it’s the only option. Glad to hear you are healing well!

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