Healthified Fourth of July Boat Snacks

Growing up I spent summers at my dad’s lake house swimming, tubing and tanning my days away. Now, each summer I look forward to the weekends I can spend there with my favorite people. It is my favorite place. Do you have a place where you just go and instantly feel relaxed and at peace? My dad’s lake house is that place for me.

Almost every year when I was growing up we had company for the 4th of July. It was almost like a mini family reunion. Last year we had no planned house guests for the first time that I can remember and so I turned it into a girls weekend by inviting some of my closest girl friends from college. It was a blast and my dad and step-mom loved still having company, even if it wasn’t family (maybe I should say especially since it wasn’t family…).

This year we will be having close to twenty people at our house (plus a whole pack of dogs). Just look at this grocery store trip my family had (yes, that’s my dad!) yesterday…and those aren’t even all the groceries. My step-mom is so on-top of the meal planning each day. It blows me away! Good job, Cass.

To take some burden off of my family, I want to be able to show up with GIFTS. Food gifts, I mean, not presents. When I asked my step-mom what I could bring that would help out all she said was “guacamole.” Really, Cass…out of all those items on your list all you could assign me was guacamole? So, I will, upon request, be bringing guacamole but I also wanted to bring some healthier boat snacks.

Boat Snacks:

Lesser Evil Chia PopLesser Evil Chia Pop









Lesser Evil Chia Pop in Classic Theater Style and Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper

SPF Dry Roasted Edamame Lightly Salted 711575102005









Seapoint Farms Slightly Salted Dry Roasted Edamame


Wholly Guacamole









Wholly Guacamole Dip in Classic

Now that the boat snacks are all packed and ready (along with the beer and wine spritzers I love enjoying on the water), I decided to make my Slim Down Lemon Bars like I did for my birthday this year.  This dessert is just refreshing enough to make it a great take-along item for an after dinner boat ride, but has a tartness that makes it perfect after a long day of sunshine and boat snacks.

I will be sharing with you later this week some other dessert ideas to bring for the 4th of July that are sure to be crowd pleasers.

What are you making this 4th of July?


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