Tone It Up Bikini Series Check In

It is week 4 of the Tone It Up Bikini Series and since I’m at the halfway point, I wanted to check in with all of you.  I’ll be detailing my thoughts on the series so far and some exciting tidbits about new products and workouts.

So far the challenge has been great!  I had a few slip-ups while on vacation, but had planned in advance and gotten some mileage in for the #100bySummer challenge to allow myself some wiggle room while still achieving my goals.

Here are some vacation pics from the lovely week I spent in Florida with my grandparents and my sis, R.  I started missing the sunshine the minute we got on the plane from Fort Myers to Detroit and haven’t stopped missing it since.

Vacation Meals, Florida Oysters Laying Out at the Pool

Amazing kale salad for M5

Amazing kale salad with grilled chicken for dinner/M5

The new workouts (posted every Tuesday) have been amazing and I’m going to share them all with you, below. Pin them to Pinterest so you have a quick reference any time you have some extra time and want to get a TIU workout in. You can pin to Pinterest by clicking the images below and then pinning directly from the TIU page!

TIU Bikini Body Workout


Bikini Booty Work Out

Making Waves Cardio Routine


Bikini Arms Work Out

Bikini Body 2 Work Out

My favorite new Bikini Series routine so far has been the Bikini Arms routine! Hopefully if I keep it up I’ll have Karena arms in no time. (I wish!)

Another exciting TIU announcement happened yesterday.  Karena and Katrina announced that they created Oakley Sunglasses with the TIU Community in mind. Check out the awesome styles and order yours!  \

Check out all the Bikini Series news that K&K have posted to stay up-to-date on the series and Sunset Challenges.


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