Makin’ Moves: My Current Favs 2

My favorite part of my workouts is changing it up by trying new workouts (spinning, hot yoga, Zumba, CrossFit, etc) or even just incorporating some new moves to my strength routines. Here are some of my current favorite moves to incorporate so I don’t get bored.

1. High Knees. Hate to love them, love to hate them.  Seriously, these made my calfs KILL in the absolute best way possible.  Even just thirty second to one minute bursts gets my heart rate up and gets me burning that fat in no time.

Stand up straight with feet shoulder-width apart.  Keep your posture and raise your right knee as high as you can and step forward.  Do the same move with your right leg and continue alternating back and forth.  Do this at a quick pace and pump your arms while alternating legs. For a more challenging move, raise your knees higher and go even faster!  Good form is key with this move.

high knees

Image from Women’s Health

2. Rowing. The rowing machine is relatively new to me (within the past eight months or so) and so far it has been a great tool to add to my cardio routine to make things a little more interesting and to target areas that running doesn’t.

Since it’s fairly complicated to try to explain, check out this video from Sarah Fit on how to properly use the rowing machine.

3. Alternating V-Ups. Killer amazingness that really targets your core.  You may also feel it in your quadriceps.

Lie on your back with your arms extended overhead and your legs extended straight and together.  Tighten your core then lift your torso/upper back and right leg off the mat as your reach your left hand toward your extended right foot.  Your right arm should be in line with your shoulder.  Next, reverse the movement by slowly lowering your body, keeping those abs tight, and repeat on the other side.  That makes one rep.  How many can you handle?!  Try hitting this move hard for one minute then following it up with high knees for an ab killer.

Alternating V-Up

Image from Fitbie

4. Rainbow.  Your booty will be so perky and firm with this one.  Whew!  This is a great exercise to incorporate around swimsuit season to really target the outer thigh and glutes. It is a sweeping leg motion that seriously targets those butts and legs.  Keep this exercise up for thirty seconds on each leg for a wicked burn.

Check out this video from Brooke Burke-Charvet on Health to see this move in action.

5. Windshield Wiper Legs. I have been loving this one for my abs and, as an extra bonus, I start to feel it in my glutes and outer thighs towards the end of a few rounds.

Lay on your back with your knees extended out straight.  Keep your arms at your side and elongate your fingertips.  Press your shoulders against your mat, and pull them away from your ears.  Really focus on keeping your abs engaged while inhaling and moving your legs to the right.  Exhale and return to the starting position then repeat on the other side to complete one rep.  Keep going for ten, intense reps.

To modify this exercise, bend your knees to 90-degrees and keep them bent while moving them from side to side.

Windshield Wiper Legs

Image from Health

The toning moves (3-5) mentioned in this article pair perfectly with the cardio moves (1-2) for a complete cardio and body weight strength workout.

What moves are you loving right now?


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