Thigh Gaps and “Thinspo” Reaction

Do you follow Blogilates at all?  If so, you probably know by now through Cassey’s blog posts and Instagram pictures that social media sites like Pinterest and Tumblr are adding content advisories for eating disorder buzz words like “thinspo”, “thigh gap” and “skinny.”  If not, you have to read this post and this post to get in the loop.

Seriously, Target, that’s the best Photoshop job you can do?…Not impressed.  Square crotch? Pointy armpit? Blurred, pointy hip bone?  Fuzzy, blurry skinny arms? The angular wrist is quite interesting, as well. Seems natural.

Target Photoshop Blunder Target Photoshop Blunder Target Photoshop Blunder

I think it’s interesting to see some more conscious efforts being made within media, which is, in large, a vanity based industry to raise awareness about ED’s or potentially self-damaging search terms.

I love what Cassey wrote in her blog post, “I see a lot of girls and young women fall into the fitness-for-vanity trap or dieting-for-vanity trap. Their motivation is driven by a need to get thin to look like the models they see on covers and in the media. It’s not their fault. It’s just a misguided portrayal of beauty. A lot of these models are photoshopped so in some cases, these “coveted” body types are not even possible. It’s the powerful influence of the fashion and beauty industry and our young women’s impressionable views of body image.”

So true and so powerful, don’t you think?

What do you guys think about this controversy?  


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