Love Your Body Series Recap

Last Friday marked the final day of the Second Annual Tone It Up Love Your Body Series and I wanted to share my progress with all of you.  Also, I will be sharing the submission I sent in for the Grand Prize!

20 Love Your Body Grand Prizes include: $200 Victoria’s Secret gift card, 45 serving bag of Chocolate Perfect Fit Protein, box of Perfect Fit bars, Beach Babe 2 DVD, Tone It Up Starfish necklace with TIU motto (Tone It Up, Share, Love, Inspire, Sweat) on the back.

The submissions had to include: name, shipping address, email, a 300 words or less testimonial (see mine below!), favorite recipe/workout, how the TIU Nutrition Plan helps you reach your goals and 2 photos.

Without further ado, here is what I submitted for the testimonial and other questions.  Wish me luck!!

“Hi K&K,

THANK YOU for always being the greatest source of inspiration and motivation for the whole TIU community.  I cannot express how amazing this team has been for me and how much I’ve grown, not only in physical strength, but as a woman.  I am so grateful for this team!

Testimonial: Getting back on track after spending time with loved ones from Thanksgiving to New Years can be tough on anyone, even the most disciplined person out there.  Thanks to TIU being a motivation in my daily life, this year I didn’t derail as much as I have in the past during the holiday season.  But, the time away from my daily routine did throw me off a little bit and TIU was there to pick me back up and get me on track for the New Year with the Love Your Body Series.  Throughout the series, K&K gave me the motivation to finish out my second 100 mile challenge (my first 100 mile challenge was #100byHalloween), noticeably tone up my midsection, arms and thighs and to stick to the TIU Nutrition Plan.  Love Your Body focuses on empowering TIU women to feel their most confident and to truly love what makes them unique.  This focus aligns perfectly for my New Year’s Resolution this year, which is to be kinder to myself.  Love Your Body really helped me dedicate 2014 to working on my self-confidence and self-worth.  Thanks, K&K!

Favorite Recipe and Workout: I am loving the whole Love Your Body Nutrition Plan version, but so far my favorite recipe is the Cupid’s Overnight Oats with Chia and the Warm Kale Salad.  So tasty, yummm!  I love that the nutrition plan is constantly evolving and that we get so many new recipes to try out.  The variety really helps me reach my TIU goals. My favorite workout is BY FAR Love Your Body with HIIT.  What I love most about it is that I get a great WO in and it’s not disruptive to the neighbors who live on the floor underneath me.  It makes for a great BC.
I have attached some photos of my progress!! Thanks again, K&K.”
Then I submitted these photographs to showcase my progress.
Love Your Body Series Progress Pic Love Your Body Series Progress PicOverall, I am so proud of myself for finishing my 100 by Valentine’s Day mileage challenge and met my other personal and fitness goals, as well.  I love the challenges and series that TIU puts together and can’t wait for the Bikini Series this Spring.

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