Taking Stock

Making: A new logo for a client
Cooking: With organic, fresh ingredients from Doorganics Grand Rapids
Drinking: Starbucks grande skinny soy hazelnut latte
Reading: Cold Tangerines
Wanting: To be able to see my boyfriend more often
Looking: Forward to big decisions in 2014
Playing: Drunk in Love by Beyonce (on repeat)
Wasting: Paper by writing too many sticky notes
Sewing: Nothing, I can’t even do that.
Wishing: I was somewhere warm, on a boat, with a cold drink in my hand
Enjoying: The little bit of sunshine peeking through my the blinds, even though it’s snowing again
Waiting: For the world to change (John Mayer has my heart)
Liking: Grey nail polish, gold jewelry and red lipstick
Wondering: Why I don’t write as often anymore
Loving: Thinking about how much I’ll get to see M when he’s on a break from school in a few weeks
Hoping: Future plans for 2014 work out
Marvelling: At how much can change just in a year and how incredibly content I am
Needing: A good night’s rest
Smelling: Espresso and coconut lotion
Wearing: skinny jeans, black boots, Aztec print tank and grey cardigan with my glasses
Following: God’s will and his way
Noticing: How much more content I am in my own skin now than I was in college
Knowing: I am beautiful, strong, and worthy of love
Thinking: About big projects coming up at work
Feeling: Content, which is a great, new feeling for me
Bookmarking: New blogs that I keep discovering and loving! There are so many talented, captivating people in the world
Opening: Mail that I keep forgetting to look at
Giggling: I love Beyonce’s giggle in Drunk in Love, which I was listening to when I first started writing this
Feeling: Blissful

I got this idea from Keira who got the idea from Sydney who got the idea from Pip.  Crazy little blogging web, huh?


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