Weekend Recap: Wine, Pups and The Super Bowl

After a fun-filled, action-packed and amazing weekend I was left feeling a little blah and a little rushed around the beginning of this week, hence the no blog posts since Friday thing.  Sorry, guys!  But, I wanted to recap what I did this weekend while visiting M, what I made for the Super Bowl, my favorite ad, etc.

Sorry for the lack of photos in this post, I was too busy enjoying my time to remember to take pictures.

M lives about two and a half hours from me AND he’s in Med School, so we try to spend our time wisely by having as much fun as possible while I’m there.  Lately it has seemed like we have had every second of my visits to there and his visits here planned, so this weekend we wanted to just spend some quality time together and not worry about rushing from place-to-place.  It was pretty great.


Friday Night Dinner with M

Friday night we ate dinner accompanied by some wine (the place we went to had 1/2 off bottles of wine…what a steal!).  M and I both love Mediterranean food as well as Sushi and were going back-and-forth between the two trying to decide what we felt like.  Ultimately, we went with Mediterranean and I wasn’t disappointed.

We ordered hummus to share (my personal favorite) as an appetizer and enjoyed some wine before our meal came.  For dinner I ordered Spicy Shish Taouk which is essentially spicy, marinated grilled chicken breast (think shish kebabs).  It was served with a rice blend and fattoush (yum yum).  M ordered Mosul Kubba, which is essentially a minced meat pie.  It was something new for him (and me, too) but we both really liked it.

The rest of the night consisted of hanging out with his buddies and the dogs.  Perfect night in.

Cellar 59 Logo

Saturday, M really needed to study since he has a final on Friday so I got some work done and took the dogs for a walk.  In the evening, we went to a wine bar near his house called Cellar 59 which I have been dying to go to since M and I first started dating.  Matt got a few different beers he hadn’t tried before, most of which were a little strong for me, but still really tasty to try a sip or two of.  I ordered a wine flight of three different red wines, all of which I really enjoyed.  It was a really fun place with over 40 different bottles of wine to sample or have by the glass.  We also munched on a cheese plate, which was divine.  It was a mixture of smoked gouda, boursin and herbed gorgonzola.

After we had our fill of wine and cheese, we spent some time at M’s parent’s house gabbing with them which is always amazing.  They are such a great family.  We left there and headed out to meet M’s friends at a bar near his house for some drinks.  It was a great night!

Sunday, of course, consisted of more studying for M.  The timing worked out well, though, because I have a few girlfriends who live in the area and met them for brunch in Royal Oak at a restaurant called Cafe Muse.

Cafe Muse Oatmeal Yogurt Pancakes

Cafe Muse Oatmeal Yogurt Pancakes

It was my first time dining at Cafe Muse and I cannot say enough good things about it.  I would suggest making a reservation, if you want to try it out. I ordered the Oatmeal lemon & blueberry infused pancakes with a side of turkey bacon and had a mimosa.  My pancakes were incredible, but the show-stopper was the Mimosa and rightfully so because it was named the Best Mimosa in Detroit in 2013.

After brunch, I stopped off at the grocery store to stock up on Super Bowl goodies to whip up.  Then, Landon (M’s dog), Joy and I watched The Puppy Bowl while making some Sangria and Beer Cheese Dip (recipes coming soon) to take to the game.

Joy_Puppy Bowl

Landon_Puppy Bowl The pups weren’t as enthused about the Puppy Bowl as I was.

Sunday evening, of course, we watched The Super Bowl at M’s friend’s house and gorged ourselves on delicious football food: pulled pork tacos, boneless chicken wings and tenders, a nacho bar, chili cheese dip, beer cheese dip, chips, beer, sangria, and brownies!  The healthiest thing I ate was the fruit in my sangria…but, I’m a firm believer in EVERYTHING IN MODERATION.

My favorite Super Bowl ad was, by far, the David Beckham ad for H&M.

What was your favorite Super Bowl dish and favorite ad?


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