Liebster Award Nomination

Thanks to Party Girl Fit for the recognition! I love Rupa’s blog, don’t you guys?

The Liebster Award recognizes bloggers who are just starting out in the blogosphere and have less than 200 followers.  Since I’m just starting out, this is really exciting for me and I can’t wait to share who I’m passing this on to at the end of the post.

To play by the Liebster Award rules, those selected thank the person (THANKS PARTY GIRL FIT) for the nomination publicly (AKA, through your blog like so…), answer the ten questions the blogger who nominated you gave you (about to do that!), and nominate other bloggers who fit the criteria then give them ten questions to answer.

Here are the questions Party Girl Fit asked me:

1. What inspired you to start a blog and why is it important for you to share your message?

I have always been a writer and fell in love with reading blogs while in college.  Once fitness and leading a healthy lifestyle really became important to me, I figured the best thing I could do for myself and for others would be to combine my passion for writing and my passion for cooking, fitness and healthy living into one masterpiece.

2. What is one “blogging-skill” you wish you were a pro at?

Increasing readership and subscribers!  But, hey, we all have to start somewhere, right?

3. What’s the best theme party you’ve ever been to?

I’m not the biggest theme party fan because I like to wear whatever I want to wear without the pressure of matching the theme.  However, in college I went to a ton of theme parties and my two favorite parties were Jersey Shore and Heaven & Hell themed.  The Jersey Shore party was hilarious because you got to see everyone with fake tans (even the guys), gelled and teased hair and all dressed up in ridiculous, tacky outfits.  Pretty memorable.  The Heaven & Hell party was kind of interesting because there were two apartments next to eachother, one heave and the other hell, and the “angels” went in one apartment and the “devils” went in another.  It was creative!

4. What is one habit you hope to break in 2014?

Being unkind and too hard on myself. it’s my 2014 Resolution.

5. What is one skill you hope to gain in 2014?

I really want to learn to make better, healthier, more creative cocktails!  Oh, and to understand football.  I think my man would appreciate that one.

6. Outside of your home country, where would you want to spend an extended amount of time?

For the longest time I have had a love affair with Greece.  I seriously think it’s my heart’s home and would love nothing more than to take a leave of absence from my daily life and move to Greece.

7. What’s a life hack you use to stay in shape when traveling?

I’m really not that creative when it comes to staying in shape while I’m on vacation, so I typically use my resources (my smart phone or iPad) to use what’s out there.  These resources and routines that don’t include equipment like someTone It Up workouts, Sarah Fit workouts, Nike Training Club, etc.  Another saving grace is just going on a run, a exploration hike, a long walk (preferably on the beach) or a fun way to get active like a local excursion!  My favorite excursion I ever did on a vacation was cave tubing and ziplining while in Belize. Incredible!

8. What’s your favorite adult beverage?

I love me some Pinot Grigio, seriously, nothing relaxes me more than a hefty pour of white wine, a warm bubble bath and a hunk of dark chocolate.  Pure bliss.

If I’m out at the bar I like to drink vodka/soda with a lemon and lime.  Yum!

9. At the moment, who is your blogging hero?

I can’t get enough of Hollywood Housewife.  She is real, readable and just all around entertaining.

10. What’s your favorite type of exercise?

Personally, I like mixing up between cardio and strength training by doing a 3-5 mile run and then a circuit sequence three times through, but I have found that I get the most out of yoga.  It soothes my body, challenges me and improves my mood, which I love.

Alright, I’m coming for you fellow bloggers, make sure you pass on the Liebster Love and answer the questions below!  Here are the blogs I’ve nominated:

1. Running Naked

2. Fit Is Chic

3. Peachy Clean Eats

4. Focused to be Fit (F2BF)

Here are my questions for you guys:

1. Where is your favorite place you have traveled?

2. When you’re short on time, what is your go-to healthy meal to make?

3. When you bow in to your cravings and splurge a little, what is the first thing you reach toward or make?

4. What blogs are you obsessed with?

5. Out of all the blog posts you have posted, which is your favorite? (Please post link)

6. How do you get yourself out of a slump – whether it’s an exercise, meal, or energy rut?

7. Who inspires you?

8. What made you want to blog and why do you keep doing it?

9. What is your all-time favorite workout?

10. If you could move somewhere out of the country for one year, where would you move to and why?

This was so awesome and thanks again to the amazing Rupa at Party Girl Fit for nominating me!


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