2014 Love Your Body Series with Tone It Up!

Did you make a New Years resolution that had to do with living a more healthy lifestyle, losing weight, watching what you eat or going to the gym more?  Tone It Up founders, Karena and Katrina, are back at it with another fitness series/challenge.  The 2nd annual Love Your Body series started yesterday and runs until Valentine’s Day.

Love your body with tone it up

For the next six weeks, Karena and Katrina will be challenging participants to a multitude of fitness challenges, including completing 100 miles by Valentine’s Day (#100byVDay) for an average of 2.2 miles per day.  Read the post on their site about what counts for mileage!

Every day I’ll be doing something that makes me sweat: a run, elliptical, stairs, yoga class, Zumba, etc.  Join in with me!

To start off the series, K&K want us to set our goals or intentions for the challenge, get organized, list 5 things we like about our bodies, print out the January calendar, amongst other items.

My goals/intentions:

1) Be Kind to Myself – My New Years Resolution

2) Complete the #100byVDay Challenge

3) Do a Bootycall Workout at least twice a week

4) Tray a new workout class (spinning, barre, etc)

5) Meditate every day

6) Read at least one night a week instead of watching TV (I won’t be skipping Thursdays when Toned Up is on!)


These goals and intentions will keep me in track to succeed in this challenge and to make positive strides to living the healthiest lifestyle this year as I can.

5 Things I Love About My Body:

1) My green eyes and full eyelashes

2) My smile

3) Being petite but still having curves
4) My naturally curly hair
5) My full lips

Who is ready for an awesome year?! Let’s get back in the gym, start eating clean after the holidays and love our bodies!

What do you love about your body?


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