So Long, 2013

What a whirlwind, amazing year 2013 has been.  No complaints from this girl.  I learned a lot about myself and continued bettering myself this year.  Now that 2013 is coming to a close, I have been reflecting on what the year held and preparing myself for a new year.  My resolution for 2013 was to cut the bullshit.  Meaning, I worked to cut ties with toxic relationships (friendships, romantic relationships, etc).  I also evaluated those around me and focused on whether they brought me down or bettered me as a person.

Being Kind to Myself: My New Year’s Resolution for 2014

As 2014 comes into view, I realized that what I want to improve upon this year is being kinder to myself.  I hinted at this in a previous posts for The Thankful Project here and here.

Be Kind to Yourself

What I’ve come to realize is that without self acceptance and an appreciation for who I am I will never be fully happy, which is what I want more than anything.  There is no better time to work on accepting myself the way I am than now.  I have made a lot of progress in 2013 in regards to health, fitness and pursuing my goals but the inability to see just how proud of myself I should be causes me to move on to the next aspect I need to work on.  For example, if I notice that my arms are toning up but my inner thighs still look flabby I immediately fixate on needing to do X, Y, and Z to look/feel more toned in that area.  I don’t want to fixate.  I don’t want to shame myself or my body.  2014 is the year that I will stop feeling guilty for a lazy workout on a Sunday or an extra cookie or two here and there.  Life is all about those sweet moments and if I’m too fixated on my jiggly thighs I will miss out on the opportunity to appreciate the great things surrounding me.

Life is too short


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