And, I’m Back! Recap of the Past Week

Sorry for the hiatus, readers!  I have been so busy jotting from one holiday celebration to another that you have been a little neglected in the meantime.  My apologies.

I took the week off from work last week to travel the state of Michigan visiting my family. Overall, it was a great time filled with as many dogs as people.  I started my holiday travels Friday, 12/20 by driving to the east side of Michigan to visit my boyfriend.  Then on Saturday, 12/21 I drove to my sister’s house in mid-Michigan to pick her up and then we road tripped to Traverse City (Up North in Michigan) to visit my mom. On Sunday 12/22 we made the slow, snowy drive to my dad’s house in mid-Michigan where I stayed until Thursday, 12/26.

There were seriously so. many. dogs.  I was in heaven.  My mom and stepdad have two dogs, my brother has two dogs, my dad and stepmom have two dogs, my sister has a dog and I have a dog…it was chaotic, but perfect. My family is full of dog people and I love it.

Just look at all of these dogs…

dog road trip jet max and jet jet and joy image (8)

My brother, A, who is living in Colorado right now was home for a few days and I got to spend a lot of time with him and his girlfriend, along with their two adorable pugs, Lola and Tito.

My dad and step-mom just got a new puppy, Jet (the small, black fuzz ball) a month ago so all the dogs got to meet him and rough him up a little.  Their first Schnauzer, Max, seems to tolerate him pretty well.

M came to visit my dad’s house on Monday, 12/23 which was also the day we surprised my dad with family pictures.  We hadn’t done an updated family photograph since I was a freshman in high school and wore hot pink when everyone else wore black or yellow…so, we needed a refreshed picture where we actually planned our outfits.  I was in charge of coordinating along with my sister.  I couldn’t believe we actually pulled off a surprise!

Family Photo Sneak Peak

A sneak peak of our family photo session. Thanks to Saigebrush Photography for the amazing job!

It was my first Christmas with Joy, too!  She got spoiled by her “grand parents” and by me, of course.

joy's first christmas

Then, as if there wasn’t enough going on, M and I took a trip to Chicago for the weekend. I got him tickets to the Blue Man Group for Christmas and so we stayed in the city Friday to Sunday.  It was an amazing weekend and on Sunday all I wished for was another day to roam around Chicago popping in to stores, getting drinks in the middle of the day and eating whatever we wanted.  I might have spent a good portion of our trip convincing M we could be Chicago people.  I think it was pretty successful.

Chicago Skyline

At the bean

The Blue Man Group was so fun!  We had seats in the fourth row and wore ponchos the whole time because stuff from on stage sprayed into the first 5 or so rows.  It was so entertaining that the show FLEW by and was over before we knew it.  I was so excited we got a picture with my favorite Blue Man from the show.

Blue Man Group

Now it’s back to work, but I’m thankful that M is able to stick around Grand Rapids for a few more days to celebrate NYE with me.

Hope you all had a great holiday!


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