Elf4Health Challenge: Recap of Week 3

Week 3 of the Elf 4 Health Challenge is finished and I want to recap all of the awesome, encouraging prompts that we were given last week before diving into this week’s tasks.  I’m getting bummed that the challenge is almost over – time flies!

Before Week 3 began we were assigned new elves!  I was paired up with a fellow Michigander!  Pretty neat.


Monday: Do a circuit workout.

I completed a nice, 35 minute circuit and finished it off with a little more cardio.

Tuesday: Do something nice for someone else.

Made my man dinner and encouraged him to kick his feet up while I did all of the prepping, cooking and cleaning up.  Sometimes it’s nice just not to have to do the dishes once in awhile.

Wednesday: Pack a healthy snack – and one for a friend!  Remember to include some protein.

Part of my doing something nice for someone else was packing M’s lunch for Wednesday.  I included veggies and hummus for both of us, which is one of my go-to snacks.

Thursday: Take some time for yourself.

While football was on and M was monopolizing the only TV with cable, I decided to lay in bed with my pup and watch The Carrie Diaries on my iPad with a glass of wine.  It was awesome.

Friday: Run or walk a mile as fast as you can!

I missed out on this because Friday was my work Christmas party.  Bummer, but I planned ahead and decided to do it Wednesday instead.  I was impressed at how much my time has improved over the last few months.

Saturday: Clean out your closet and donate unwanted items in good condition to Goodwill.

Cleaning out my closet is an on-going process.  I recently did this when I moved to my new place and had a TON of stuff to donate to Goodwill.  But, I knew there was more I could get rid of since then and filled a tote bag with other items I no longer need.

Sunday: Plan your meals for the week.

This is still in process because I grocery shop on my lunch break on Monday’s…but I’m getting there.  I’m keeping it pretty simple since I’ll be heading to my mom’s house this weekend for our family Christmas celebration and don’t want to buy a bunch of stuff.  Probably salads for lunch and grilled chicken/green veggies and maybe some quinoa for dinners. So adventurous, right?


What are your planned meals for this week?  


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