Elf4Health Challenge: Recap of Week 2

Week 3 of the Elf 4 Health Challenge is underway and I want to recap last week, week 2, before I forget to discuss all the awesome stuff we were challenged to do.  Here goes!

Monday: Send a handwritten note.

I sent a letter to my friend who recently moved to Florida to live with her boyfriend and started a new and exciting job.  I felt like she needed a little love and support since she couldn’t come home for Thanksgiving.

Tuesday: Eat the Rainbow!

On Tuesday I made a huge salad for lunch and included every color I could find in my fridge: kale, spinach, orange/yellow peppers, red cabbage, tomatoes, carrots, etc.  It was awesome!

Wednesday: Go makeup free.

I didn’t wear makeup all day and I felt great.  I didn’t feel self-conscious at all and it felt good to give my skin a break.

Go Makeup Free

Thursday: Workout with a Buddy.

None of my workout buddies were around on Thursday, so I worked out with my Tone It Up Community and followed the schedule.  I love having a support system through the TIU community.

Friday: Leave an Operation Beautiful Note.

My roommate, Liz, is the most gorgeous person in the world.  I swear.  Model pretty, but the most amazingly sweet woman ever.  I left her this note on her mirror.

Operation Beautiful Note


Saturday: Clean Out Your Pantry or Fridge.

I did both because I went grocery shopping on Saturday for M’s arrival for the WHOLE WEEK (our longest visit together since we started dating) and sorted items I don’t need in my pantry for the food bank.

Sunday: Make a List of 20 Things You’re Grateful For.

Here it is, friends!

1. My faith

2. My puppy friend, Joy

3. My boyfriend

4. My family

5. My amazingly hilarious friends

6. Coffee

7. Being able to travel

8. Music, Art and Dance

9. Being healthy

10. Great books

11. The community I experience with my church

12. My blog readers and the connections I’ve made since starting TheFitEat

13. Sunshine and warm weather (even thinking about warmth makes me smile in this cold Michigan weather)

14. Chocolate

15. Fashion

16. Deliciously cheap wine

17. TONE IT UP and the TIU community

18. Having people who hold me accountable and believe in me

19. My amazing job and all of my coworkers and my bosses

20. Living in the US and being able to have so many amazing experiences and freedoms associated with being an American.


I’m looking forward to week 3!  I got my new buddy last night and she’s also from Michigan – awesome timing.


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