Top Fitness Gifts for Your Wishlist 2

I have had so much fun putting together this series!  It has been so tempting to indulge myself and buy all of these great finds.  Hopefully they generate some gift ideas for you, family and friends.

Holiday Shorts, Crops and Pant

Athleta Connect Capri

Adidas Powerluxe Shorts

Soybu Lotus Capris

My all time favorite workout pants.  I own two pairs of them because I love them so much. Seriously the best crops I’ve ever had.

Lululemon Wunder Under Pants

With the Lululemon gift card I asked for from my parents, I am going to buy a pair of these pants.  I know I’ll need them hemmed since I’m a shorty, so I wanted to pick them up from the store near my house.

Holiday Wishlist Shoes

Brooks Women’s Ravenna 4

I have a pair of these in blue/white.  They were my first pair of Brooks running shoes and they are the absolute best.  Of course, every foot is different and shoes fit different for other people, but these work perfectly for me.

Brooks Women’s PureFlow 2

Holiday Accessories

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor

This was number one wish on my wishlist.  I cannot wait to own one of these bad boys!  I have been wanting one for a whole year and finally decided to ask for it for Christmas this year.

Athleta Inspire Sport Earphones 

Lorna Jane Iconic Glass Water Bottle

Ninja Professional Kitchen System

I bought this exact blender/system for myself this year after I got a raise and after my old blender quit on me. It’s amazing for making soups, smoothies, juices, etc.  One of my favorite purchases this year!

What are your must have fitness accessories?


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