Weekly Workouts: Dec 1-7

Hey Readers! Happy Thursday, can you believe it’s already almost Friday?  I can’t.  This week has flown by – not that I’m complaining.

I’m going to recap my workouts for this week so far and detail my workouts for this weekend to give you a taste of my training schedule. I incorporate cardio and strength each workout, for the most part, and have seen a huge change in my body since adding more strength to my routine.  Finding a good balance for you is the key.

Sunday: I took it pretty easy, but made sure I got in my 100 burpees for the Elf4Health challenge of the day.  I did them in intervals of 25 during commercial breaks while I was watching a New Girl episode I DVR’d.  I also took about a 2 mile walk with my pup Sunday evening.

This is how I felt about my burpee challenge:

Burpee Challenge

Monday: I was definitely feeling sluggish after Thanksgiving celebrations from the weekend, but I convinced myself that I wouldn’t regret a good run and I didn’t!  I definitely got the ever elusive “runners high” during my run on Monday and my 3 mile planned run turned into a 4.25 mile run.  After my run I did the Cocktail Dress workout from Tone It Up four times.  It was a productive day!

Tuesday: Felt a little tight when I woke up Tuesday morning, in the best way possible!  I love the Cocktail Dress WO because it hits all the right target areas I’m trying to work on: shoulders, back, waistline and abs.  My plan for the day WAS to do a 3 mile run and the new Holiday Waistline Slimmer routine from Tone It Up, but I got rear-ended on my way home from work and ran out of time for the run.  So, I did the Holiday Waistline Slimmer routine three times.  Give it a try!  I loved the Punch & Crunch II and the Waistline Cincher.

Wednesday: I’m working on increasing my speed while running, so I’ve been doing more interval runs over the past few months.  I ran 3.75 miles on Wednesday then followed up my run with my favorite Tone It Up arms routine, Love Your Arms.  I completed the routine three times.

Thursday: Tonight I will be completing at least a 3.5 mile run and doing the Tone It Up Love Your Legs routine three times.  This TIU routine is my go-to leg workout.  I always feel it the next few days and it is super effective and QUICK, which I love.

Friday: HIIT the Beach II from my Tone It Up Beach Babe 2 DVD.  This workout is amazing.  I love how it’s 40 minutes of intense, fun exercises that I can complete in my apartment (sorry to whoever lives underneath me – I’m getting my WO on.)  I’ll also be doing the Spankin’ Booty Routine from Tone It Up three times as my BC (Booty Call) first thing in the morning to kickstart my metabolism. Join in with me 🙂

Saturday: After working hard all week, I am rewarding myself with Beach Yoga with Karena and some foam rolling.  Yoga is such a great practice to incorporate into your fitness routine and is something that has really allowed me to become more mindful of my body.  Since I’ve been running more, foam rolling has been my go-to stretching routine.  It was uncomfortable for me the first few times but now it is a part of my fitness regimen that I truly enjoy.

Sunday: Typically Saturdays and Sundays or Fridays and Sundays are my “take it easy” days.  I am still active, but allow my body the rest it needs to recover from my more challenging workouts during the week.  This is how I achieve balance.  I’ll go for a short run (three miles or shorter) or a long, easy walk with my dog, but I don’t do much strength training these days.  This is what works for me.

What does your weekly workout schedule look like? Do you have “take it easy” days? 


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