I wish I could just shop and shop and shop all day long today, but sadly that’s just not practical for my mindset, budget or work schedule. Such is life, I suppose.  But, I did want to share some great deals I took advantage of over the weekend and this morning.  Here are my Black Friday/Cyber Monday purchases for this year.

My most exciting item purchased were these Shake & Break Lululemon shorts.  Can’t wait to wear these bad boys.

Lululemon shorts

I also purchased 5 pairs of underwear from Victoria’s Secret since I recently did a sizable closet purge.  I think I’ll leave those unpictured because that’s just kind of strange.  Also on VS is a deal to buy 1 sports bra and get another 50% off!

Next stop was Aerie for some flannel sleep shorts and a bra, so comfy and functional.

Aerie flannel sleep shortsAerie bra

I’ve had my eye on this jacket from Forever21 for quite some time now and decided I’d wait to buy it until Cyber Monday after I heard how great the deals were going to be.  Then, I couldn’t resist this dress from Forever21, too.  Hopefully it fits and I can wear it for NYE this year.

Forever21 scuba peplum jacket

Forever21 NYE dress

I wasn’t the only person on my list for Black Friday/Cyber Monday.  My brother was the last recipient on my Christmas shopping list that I hadn’t purchased anything for yet, so I found him a few things from Sports Authority.  I purchased a Nike full zip hoodie in oatmeal (not grey like pictured below) as well as a Bula beanie that was buy one get one free (bonus score for me).

Nike full zip sweatshirt

Bula striped beanieBula fishbone beanie

Other great sites to check out for Cyber Monday: Gap/Old Navy, H&M, American Eagle, Macy’s!

What were some of your Cyber Monday steals?


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