The Thankful Project: Day 28


Well, I did it. I finished my first blog challenge! Thanks for tuning in to the writing prompts and thanks for taking an interest in my sometimes random thoughts. I appreciate you guys! The final prompt was to write about anything, so I choose to write about what it means to be thankful.

Day 28: What it means to be thankful

Blessings come in many variations. Some we hope for year after year. Some just happen without inward consideration and without understanding why or how. strong>Be thankful anyway. Through the expected and unexpected, be thankful anyway. Though the best and the worst, be thankful anyway. Give thanks in all things and for all things, even when you’re afflicted with pain, sadness or guilt — give thanks anyway.

We have all been granted so many blessings and for those, not just on this special day but everyday, we need to give thanks for. Lord, thank you for the good and the bad, for the seasons of hope and the seasons of loss, for inspiration and doubt. You are there throughout it all, providing all of us with endless blessings. Thank you.

This is what it means to be truly grateful.


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