The Thankful Project: Day 27

Welcome to day 27 of The Thankful Project.  I can’t believe this project is almost over, I’m pretty bummed about it!  It has been a rewarding experience being able to follow along with these prompts.  Thanks to The Chasing Happy Blog for putting it all together.

Day 27: A Simple Pleasure

Simple, lovely things create wonderful and beautiful experiences for each and every one of us to encounter.  Your first morning cup of coffee, taking your pup for a walk in a light snowfall, holding a newborn baby for the first time, catching up with an old friend over dinner, creating a new culinary masterpiece. The simple things in life are really the sweetest.  My hope for you all as we approach the holiday season is to be able to embrace the simplest pleasures and see the amazing beauty in each and every one of them.  A smile from your significant other after you do something thoughtful for them, finishing that book you started ages ago or just simply being surrounded by those you love most.  Soak it all up.



2 thoughts on “The Thankful Project: Day 27

  1. Hi Tracy! I’m also bummed about The Thankful Project being over 😦 I like your simple pleasure list 🙂 I hope you enjoy the simple things this holiday too!

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