Elf for Health: Week 1

The Elf for Health Challenge I announced last week here is underway (woohoo, day 3!) and so far it’s going great.  I am loving the level of support I’m getting and think it will help when holding myself accountable for eating well and exercising, but still allowing for moderation in the holiday foods I enjoy like pumpkin cheesecake and wine!  This girl does love her wine.

Here are the challenges for the week:

11/25 – Day 1: Go Meatless!  Did I ever tell you I was a vegetarian for around 3 years in college? So, this wasn’t a huge challenge for me, but it was nice to hold off on the meat in preparation for the turkey fest tomorrow!

11/26: Day 2 – Unsubscribe from at least 3 email lists.  I think I counted 28 unsubscribes.  It was kind of staggering to realize how much junk I get in my email inbox each day that I don’t even look at.

11/27 – Day 3: Try a new work out.  My Elf4Health Buddy sent me some exciting workouts from Running Hutch to try today, posted below.

Loredo WOD Full Body Finisher









11/28: Day 4 – Call someone to tell them you’re grateful for them.  I am bummed that M and I won’t be able to celebrate Thanksgiving with eachother this year because he has finals for med school next week, so I am going to make sure I talk to him and his family tomorrow.

11/29: Day 5 – Track your water intake.  I do this on a daily basis, but sometimes slack off when I’m at home (which I will be for Thanksgiving) so this is a very helpful challenge.

11/30: Day 6 – Treat yourself to something you’ve been wanting.  Not sure where this will take me yet!  Maybe a shopping trip?  Maybe giving in to a little craving?

12/1: Day 7 – 100 burpee challenge.  Yes, you read that right…100 burpees.  We can do this!  I’m challenging all of you to complete it with me!


Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone 🙂


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