The Thankful Project: Day 26

The project is wrapping up this week and I’m grateful that I was given the opportunity to be a part of it.  Only a couple days left!  Today’s prompt was “Criticism You’ve Received”.  Read my thoughts below.

Day 26: Criticism You’ve Received

In college I was involved in a lot of things but never devoted myself to anything fully.  I took on this position or that position, but did it half-heartedly and never truly devoted myself to the cause.  This was the same story as in high school.  Maybe I found one or two things (like dance or my sorority) that I poured myself into, but those experiences were few and far between for me.  It was like I thought quantity was more important than quality.  If I could just do this, this, this and that then I was helping out way more than just dedicating myself to one thing fully.  Well, I ended up getting the criticism I needed to snap out of this by someone I barely even knew.

She took over my position in an organization and needed details on all of the stuff I had done for the year.  I kept “forgetting” (mainly, I didn’t think it was that important) to meet with her and give her the haphazard binder I created when elections came along.  She sent friendly emails and cordial texts for about two and a half weeks and then began to get more agitated in her messages.  Saying things I needed to hear, but that cut like a knife at the time.  “Do you not care enough about this organization to help it succeed after you stepped down?”  “Don’t you see we have no way of knowing the event timeline without that?”  “Are you too absorbed in your life to see the simple requests and needs of others?”

Yes.  I do see.  Years too late, but I do see now.  I was unreliable for those who were more passionate about the organizations, the causes, the jobs.  I was in my own little world of juggling too many commitments that I hindered those who were dedicated to the organizations, the causes, the jobs, the fundraisers.  I got in the way by spreading myself too thin.  But, wouldn’t 8 organizations look better on a resume than 3 organizations?  Besides the point.

After graduating from college, I really worked on selecting things to be a part of that I knew I could dedicate myself to.  I tried a few different groups through church, turned down a national volunteer position with my sorority and found my niche leading youth group. I’m dedicated now to the things that bring me happiness and work hard to turn things down that I’m not passionate about being a part of.

What hard lesson have you learned through someone’s criticism? 


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