The Thankful Project: Day 20

If you are just tuning in, I am writing each day for a series called The Thankful Project. Following this series has allowed me to gain some perspective and really count my blessings and reasons to be thankful leading up to Thanksgiving. 

Today is going to be a good one, folks.  I have mentioned my man, M, a few times here and there throughout my blog posts but I have never really detailed our relationship.  This is partially because I am a pretty private person (..said the BLOGGER) and partially because I feel like I may jinx certain things if I bring them up.  Well, today I will be throwing caution to the wind and gushing about my amazing boyfriend, M.  Such a looker, that one.

Day 20: Something About Your Significant Other or Best Friend

M and T

When I saw this prompt on the list before I had decided fully on whether or not I wanted to participate in this challenge, I was like, “Well, my significant other and my best friend are the same person…so…”  Many people say when in relationships that their partner is their best friend, and I certainly have thought this in other relationships before but, I have never meant it.  M is my very best friend.  And I know I mean it.  He is the absolute first person I want to cry to when I have horrible news, the man I want to comfort me after an awful day and the one I want to rejoice with when beautiful things come together.  He is, in all facets of the word, my best friend.  And that is what true love should be, in my opinion.  Through the joy, the celebration, the pain, the upsets and any unexpected twists-and-turns, you have that person to turn to when you need something, anything.  M is that person to me.

I’m going to try and contain my sappiness because this blog isn’t about my love life.  But, I will tell you 15 reasons why I love M.

1. He makes me laugh.  

I love that we can be so goofy together and just entertain eachother with our crazy antics for hours.

2. He loves dogs almost as much as I do.

M has a pup (picture below) named Landon that gets along with little Joy.  We both LOVE our dogs so much.  I couldn’t fathom being with someone that isn’t a dog lover.

Joy and Landon

3. He makes the best out of any situation.

I swear he always sees the positivity in anything that happens.  The optimism he has is so refreshing to me.

4. He loves God.

We can have really deep discussions about BIG THINGS (faith, life, etc).  Such a great feeling.

5. He is always up for trying new things and going on adventures.

M had never camped before we started dating and as a girl who grew up camping, fishing, hunting, etc. that just wasn’t ok with me.  He was a trooper through the whole weekend and it ended up being my favorite summer memory together.  We also actively pursue crossing items off of our couples bucket list which provides endless fun for us.

6. He is laid back and understands my planner/type-A personality.

M gets that I like to at least have a semi-loose plan of what is going on.  If we are meeting up with friends I need to have sort of an idea of what time/place so that I can arrange the rest of my day.  He knows I don’t mind planning and happily allows me to do so, but he offers feedback and help when needed – perfect balance.

7. He is EXTREMELY patient.

I’m a little overbearing; I get it.  M is so amazingly patient with my anxious energy and thoughts.  Sometimes I just can’t believe his patience.  And, it’s not only with me, it’s with others, too.

8. He is driven to succeed in life and actively discusses the future.

M is currently in his second year of medical school and is so focused and driven to succeed.  I am in awe of his intelligence and so proud of his accomplishments.

9. He makes me a better person.

M makes me a more grateful, understanding and kind person.  I am a better daughter, sister, friend and PERSON because of him.  He helps me face my fears, walks me through the tough stuff & offers advice when solicited.

10. He is always doing things to try and show me or explain to me how much I mean to him.

He is so thoughtful.  Our relationship is long distance and so there are times when we go 3(+) weeks without being able to see each other, but I never feel disconnected from him or our relationship.


11. We make a great team.

Our personalities balance out so well and so naturally.  It’s actually quite bizarre.  We just go together.  That is the only way I can explain it.  My dad said, “you guys just mesh.” Well said, dad.

12. He EATS. And I mean EATS…and appreciates my cooking (very, very much so).

I love cooking for people and experiencing new meals and restaurants with others.  M fully appreciates this because he is in a constant state of hunger, I swear.  This may seem like a weird one to have on here to some readers, but it’s awesome to me.

13. He is super athletic, but doesn’t care that I suck at sports.

I am not very athletic nor do I share the same love (I call it an obsession) with football, but I sure try and support his passion for football and think it’s great that he doesn’t try to get me to enjoy every thing he likes.  Some things are just meant to be “guy time” activities.  I am more than happy for football to be one of those things.

14. He encourages me to loosen up and enjoy life.

Spontaneity isn’t an adjective anyone I know would use to describe me.  I’m a little more calculated/planned/boring than M.  But, he brings out a side of me that reminds me to stop and enjoy the unplanned moments.  Let your hair down, Tracy!  He reminds me of what is most important in life.

15. Even though we are long distance, he makes such an effort to be there for me at all times even when distance separates us.

This is so crucial to the success of any long distance relationship, in my opinion.  M makes it easy to be in a relationship with someone who lives across the state from me, even though he’s insanely busy with school all the time.  We make time for one another – even if it’s five minutes here and there to call each other.  It takes effort and I’m not saying that it is easy, but we make it work for us.

Love you, M and so grateful to have you in my life.  Thanks for all of these amazing things I love about you and thank you for being so much more than I ever dreamt of.


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