The Thankful Project: Day 18

If you’re just tuning in, I am writing each day for a series called The Thankful Project. Following this series has allowed me to gain some perspective and really count my blessings and reasons to be thankful leading up to Thanksgiving.

Day 18: A Choice

Each individual choice and series of choices has compounded into decisions that have created my life and where I am now. Crazy to think about, right? Remember that time you chose to take that fork in the road that traveled right and you met the love of your life? Or the time you chose the fork in the road that traveled left and turned down a job opportunity because you wanted to stay close to family? All of these choices, large and small, lead to decisions that got us to where we each are today.

A choice that I am grateful for today is that I chose to attend Grand Valley State University rather than the private art school in Chicago I had originally dreamt of attending. Granted, I’m sure I would have loved the art school. I know I would have. But, going to GVSU allowed me to really feel connected to a community and to branch out of just being “creative.” It allowed me to have the true college experience I secretly craved. I would never have gotten as involved in campus life like I did at Grand Valley if I would have chosen a different school.

This choice of attending Grand Valley lead to a series of other choices that ultimately allowed me to become successful post-graduation. Internships, networking experiences, job experiences, campus organizations, Delta Zeta and church connections all allowed me to feel connected to something larger than just a college. I truly belonged. That was essential to me after feeling sort of out-of-place in a small hometown and a small high school. College was my time to shed the past and branch out on my own. I’m so grateful for that experience.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that I met M at college. That’s a great reason to be extra thankful that I attended Grand Valley.

What choice are you thankful for today?


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