The Thankful Project: Day 17

Day 17: A Room

I’m not quite at the point in life that owning a home is going to occur sometime in the near future.  Life has too many unknowns right now.  Did I mention that my boyfriend, M, and I do the whole long distance thing?  So, that adds to the fun/complexity of life.  Oh, and there is always that fun thing called my finances to worry about and let hold me back.  My goal is to own a house when I’m 25 which is quickly approaching.

Anyways…if I did own a home this is the room I would most look forward to spending time in and to decorating.

The sunroom.

Sunroom Idea Sunroom Idea 2 Sunroom Idea 3 Sunroom Idea 4

Aren’t these inspiration pictures gorgeous?!  Oh my gosh.  Makes me want to forget about the unknowns, the finances, the what-ifs and just go out and find a house with some gorgeous outdoor space and a nice sunroom I can decorate to my liking.  I can seriously picture myself spending tons of times in all of these inspiration pictures.

I fell in love with sunrooms quite some time ago.  My mom’s old house used to have a “Three Season Room” that I used to drink my coffee in every morning, except in the winter.  It was my favorite room of the house.  I used to curl up in the comfy chairs and read books and sip tea for hours.  I think I spent more time in that room than in my bedroom, some days.

Looking forward to the day that I can afford a home with a “bonus room” like this.  M will request a huge basement he can turn into his ping pong workshop and football game theater and I will have two requests: a huge bathtub and a sunroom/outdoor “room”.  That’s not too much to ask, right?

Question: What is your favorite room in your house?


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