The Thankful Project: Day 16

Day 16: Something You Own

I mentioned in Day 12 that I double majored in Journalism and Photography in college.  Since I was pursuing a degree in Photography, I purchased a used Canon 1D camera from my cousin who is a Photojournalist in New York.

This belonging is something of sentimental as well as monetary value to me.  It hold sentimental value because it was my cousin’s first digital camera.  The camera he shot the photos he submitted to win College Photographer of the Year in 2004 on.  It just means something special to me.

It is the camera I took my senior thesis photographs on and my friend’s engagement pictures with.  It’s a possession that I will hold on to probably forever just because of the memories it captured.  I don’t photograph that much anymore, but it is there in my closet for whenever I’m ready to pick up the camera again.

Senior Thesis 1 Senior Thesis 2 Senior Thesis 3 Senior Thesis 4 Senior Thesis 5

*All of these images are photographed by the blogger.  Please do not duplicate, copy or use elsewhere without prior approval.


Question: What is your most prized possession?


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