The Thankful Project: Day 15

Day 15: An Annoyance

So, I haven’t shared this with all of you yet but the past few weeks have been extremely annoying for me.  Typically I am a very active person, but I have been struggling with a lot of pain in my rib area the past few weeks.  So, like any normal person (not really), I decided to ignore it and ignore it some more until the pain was literally unbearable.  Cue going to the Urgent Care on Monday, November 4.  After sitting in the waiting room for over 2 hours, I finally saw a PA, got a chest X-ray and was told that I had Pleurisy and gave me a steroid to decrease the inflammation.

Don’t worry, I had never heard of Pleurisy either.  It is when the Pleura, or the membrane lining between your lungs and ribs is inflamed.  The inflammation causes sharp pains when breathing.  So fun.  The pain was radiating into my lower back and becoming a constant annoyance.

Wednesday (11/6) rolled around and I was in worse pain than I had been since this whole things started.  Many family members are in the medical field and they all urged me to go to the ER.  Did I mention I didn’t have a primary care doctor in the area?  (Don’t worry, my friends, I have since been referred to someone.)

Now, I may seem decently tough after you get to know me but as soon as hospitals come into conversation I turn into a temper tantrum throwing 5-year-old.  I cannot deal with hospitals, getting my blood drawn or really anything medical.  So, this was a very interesting experience for me.

At the ER they ran some blood work and got me ready for a CT-scan of my chest.  The doctors and nurses were trying to rule out a blood clot, which I did not have – thank goodness.  In the end, they agreed with my diagnosis of Pleurisy and gave me some pain medication and an anti-nausea medication because the steroid and the pain was making me sick to my stomach.

Here I am over a week after my ER visit and still experiencing pain.  I had a follow-up appointment with my new primary care doctor Wednesday morning (11/13) and she said that I am one of the “lucky” cases of Pleurisy that has a prolonged healing period.  Yay me, right?

I am trying to remain positive and thankful that this condition is treatable and isn’t life threatening in any way, but I do have to say I am fairly annoyed at the fact that I am not allowed to work out until my pain is completely nonexistent.  I might have tested this little theory out on Tuesday night (11/12) and massively regretted it the next day when my pain was off the charts again.  Dumb girl.

I’d say that pretty much sums up a current annoyance I’m experiencing!  Don’t anticipate any new exercise or work out posts until I can actually work out, I suppose.

Question: Any advice for what to do with all of my nervous energy that I typically get rid of when I exercise?  My anxiety is more noticeable than usual since I don’t have the endorphins my body gets from working out to naturally calm me down.


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