The Thankful Project: Day 13

Rolling right along!  Can’t believe it’s November 13th already…time flies.

Day 13: An Ability

I was blessed with a decent singing voice.  Granted, I am not going to be the next big winner on The Voice or surprise everyone with my opera worthy vocals on America’s Got Talent, but I would consider my voice decent.  No, I won’t have the starring role in a Broadway musical or the lead part in Glee but this ability is something I enjoy.

Singing makes me happy, yet the only places I feel comfortable singing are: in the shower, in the car and in church.  I don’t sing in front of people often and most of the time when I do sing in front of people it’s not on purpose.  I’m shy with this ability. Singing in front of people makes me uncomfortable and very, very nervous.

Someone, somewhere in my childhood told me I didn’t have a good voice.  That I couldn’t sing.  I have held on to this notion from way back when that my voice isn’t good and that I can’t sing.  How crazy is that? One person in my life told me that singing was a dumb pastime and a waste of time and effort because I wasn’t even that good and I believed it.  I have believed it since.

Recently, I have been reading Shauna Niequist’s blog and am starting on her first book Cold Tangerines next week.  Also, I went to hear her speak at my church a few weekends ago for a women’s lecture and dinner on her book Bread & Wine.  She also spoke at church that Sunday about Changing the Story. I highly encourage you to listen to the podcast and hear her words on the matter – so true, so powerful and so thought provoking.  I’m sure this isn’t the only post I’ll write about how much this affected me because it was just THAT good..

Shauna discusses the need for us to evaluate what stories we tell about ourselves from way back when that don’t need to determine what our stories are now.  Singing is one of those things for me.  I let someone determine my past, current and future story for far too long.  So what if I don’t have the world’s best singing voice?  I have a pretty good one.  A pretty good one that God gave me and He gave me the ability to sing for a reason.

So, I’m working on changing my story.  Not just about my God given ability to sing, but with so many other things.  This is the start of a journey to determine what stories about myself are true and what stories I can shed to make room for new, positive and true stories to unfold.

Question: What stories about yourself exist that you need to rewrite?


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