The Thankful Project: Day 12

We’re cruising right along in this journey of thankfulness leading up to Thanksgiving!  I’m having a blast with these prompts and love reading everyone else’s linked posts on The Chasing Happy Blog.  Check out the linked posts on there if you haven’t already.

Day 12: An Opportunity

I didn’t go to school for Marketing, did you know that?  I actually went to school and double majored in Journalism and Photography.  I knew in the beginning of my sophomore year in college that I no longer wanted to do what I thought I had wanted to do since high school. No longer did I want to be a fashion journalist.  I just didn’t see that career path being something I would want to do in the long run.  After I knew what I didn’t want to do any more, I didn’t figure out what I wanted to do instead.  I sort of coasted from my sophomore year in college to graduation, knowing that my degrees were versatile and my internship experiences had been diverse enough that I could do a number of things with my degree and my experience.

With graduation approaching, I started frantically applying for jobs during winter break my senior year.  I applied to just about any Communications job I found online or that people sent my way.  Frantically applying for jobs started to pay off and I went on interview after interview hoping that something would come my way.  I knew I was prepared and i knew I was qualified for many of the jobs I was interviewing for, but my heart wasn’t really in it for the first few months.


Graduation came and went and I still hadn’t been hired.  I wasn’t really freaking out at this point because the majority of my friends were in the same position.  It was the norm.  But, it was starting to worry me.  I had three months left on my apartment lease and knew I had to figure something out before then or I would have to move three hours away and back in with my mom.

One of my friends sent me an opportunity that had been posted in our alumnae Facebook for the sorority I’m a part of.  It was a Marketing position at a company about 30 minutes away from where I went to college.  I looked over the posting and saved the information in a Word document.  It sat there in the Word document, untouched, for about a week and a half.  I didn’t know if I was qualified.  Quite frankly, I wasn’t very sure what some of the tasks meant.  It was an assistantship position, meaning it was full-time but they weren’t sure if it was permanent.  The company had never had anyone doing marketing for them before and the new hire would be starting the marketing program from scratch.  That intimidated the hell out of me, but something said that I should give it a try.

I sent my resume, cover letter and all the other components of an application to the email address listed on the posting.  Then I said a little prayer.  My time in Grand Rapids was running out if something didn’t turn up soon and that scared me.  I didn’t want to call it quits just yet.  Checking my email for the final (and probably 100th) time that evening, I had an email from the same address I sent my application to.  They wanted to schedule a time to talk more.

We set up time for a conference call, which I was told would be the first step prior to setting up an interview.  The call went great and I knew I had made a pretty good first impression.  The next step was setting up some time for me to come in, see the office, and meet with the Manager.  We set up a time for the next week and right after we hung up I was already picking out my outfit.  It had really stood out as something I could see myself doing.  The initial interview with the Manager went great and he said the next step was to set up a time to meet with management.  He hinted that I had essentially secured the position, but had to go through the final formality of meeting the rest of the management team. I was in!

Months of anxiety, worrying, feeling inadequate, being scared to try and fail all flashed before me.  This was it.  My opportunity to succeed.  Sometimes all you need is one person to give you a chance.  This position started off, like I mentioned, as an Assistantship. They weren’t sure how it would go or what impact a full-time Marketing employee could have or would have on the company.  They took a chance on me, my abilities and the position.  When they saw my work paying off, they hired me on full time and promoted me to Marketing Coordinator.  They believed in me and wanted to show me they were committed to making this a success.

I was given an opportunity, a chance, to succeed and I am so grateful for that.


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