The Thankful Project: Day 9

Day 9: A Photo

I am an absolute animal lover.  But, beyond that, I am a dog fanatic.  As I hinted in my last post, I would love nothing more than to start fostering dogs.  That would be so rewarding and fulfilling to me.  But, I think I’ll take this princess for now.


Meet Joy.

That photo is our first picture together and it is from the night I adopted Almond Joy, or Joy as I call her.

Joy and I first met at an adoption event hosted at a pet supply store in the area.  I had seen her picture online and read her story.  It touched me and I knew I had to meet this adorable angel in person.  Her original owner was a dog hoarder and had over 20 dogs in her possession.  She had a number of dogs who inhabited her home as well as a large number in the barn.  Joy was one of the dogs in the barn and they had minimal human interaction.  Joy, along with a small number of other dogs were surrendered to Joy’s foster mom.

Due to limited human interaction, Joy had severe anxiety and deep trust issues when I first met her.  She was attached to her foster mom and their relationship gave me hope that one day she would be that trusting with me, too.  Janelle had me take Joy for a few short walks around the store to gain her trust.  We got off to a rocky start at first, but she seemed to warm up to my voice and to me a little bit.

I emailed Joy’s foster mom that night and said that I was interested in adopting Joy.  We scheduled a time for Joy’s foster mom and Joy to come over and do an in-home visit to see how Joy did at my house.  She wasn’t too excited when she first got there, but she slowly warmed up to the new environment and to me.

I knew Joy had the potential to be happy in my care and I felt like something in my gut was telling me we would be best buds.  And we certainly are.  I am so grateful for the experience to have adopted a dog in need, but more than that I am so thankful that I have a little fur kid who loves to snuggle just as much as I do.

Joy lives up to her namesake.  She gives me so much joy each and every day and I’m grateful for that.

Question: Have you ever adopted an animal?


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