The Thankful Project: Day 10

Today’s prompt is “A Memory.”  It was difficult for me to pinpoint a memory to share, mainly because before this challenge I haven’t really shared myself on my blog.  I’ve shared recipes, workouts, my fitness journey and a few other random topics but I’ve never really shared who I am: my thoughts, fears, anxieties, etc. It has been nice to experience these prompts and share them with you, but it is also a little uncomfortable. Just being real here.

When I was a little girl, I spent a lot of time with my grandparents – my mom’s parents.  Man, were they characters.  Their personalities were so strong, so contagious and so entertaining.

My sister, R, and I used to get to play dress up in my grandma’s closet and then we would take turns doing her makeup.

One day we got bored of this routine and decided we were going to have a fashion show.  We dressed my grandma up in the most ridiculous outfits we could find and did “movie star makeup” on her, which pretty much meant she looked like a circus clown.

Once we got her all gussied up, we had my grandma sit at the end of the dining room with scorecards and judge her outfit, makeup and fashion walk.

I miss these simple moments from my childhood so much.  Moments spent with my grandparents, before they passed away provide me with such happy memories to remember them by.

How lucky am I to have had grandparents who were nearby and so active in our lives.  I’m so grateful for that.


Question: What is a memory you’re thankful for?


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