The Thankful Project – Day 8

Look at me, catching up like crazy!  Have a great Friday, readers.

Day 8: Words

Finding the right words sometimes can be extremely challenging, don’t you think?  Being there and supporting our friends, family and loved ones when they need a helping hand or encouraging words is tricky.  What combinations of words can we put together to provide comfort and show support during these times of trial in other’s lives?  How do we convey our sympathy and understanding to those in our lives who need it?


While we may not know exactly what to say at all times, especially in scenarios as these, it’s important to say something.  Don’t look back and regret leaving things unsaid.  Words give us power in these situation to provide something that others in our lives are looking for.

If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.

Be the Type of Person That You Want To Meet


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