The Thankful Project: Day 5

Trying to play catch-up so I’m on schedule for the rest of the postings!  Hope you’re enjoying reading these daily inspirational gratitude posts.  It’s a nice change of pace for me right now.  Thanks again, The Chasing Happy Blog!

Day 5: A Talent You Have

I am an extremely talented gift giver.  That’s right, the talent I want to focus on is how great I am at picking meaningful gifts to give others. It may seem trivial, but I believe it’s an extremely important skill to possess.  Here are the things I often focus on when selecting a gift:

1) Would the person receiving the gift prefer an experience (sporting event, cooking class, manicure) or a gift (clothing, tech gadget, journal)?

2) Are they sentimental or more practical?

3) DIY or store bought?

There are other factors that come into play like age, relationship to the person receiving the gift, price point, etc. but really as long as you know a few basic components it’s really easy.

Here’s an example.  My sister, R, who I wrote about earlier this week is a sap.  I love her, but she’s a big softie.  She definitely falls into the category of a more DIY, sentimental gift.  I’ve made her a book wreath, wine cork ornaments, hand crafted canvasses and all sorts of other meaningful and DIY gifts.  That’s her thing.  But, if I were to do the same sort of gift for my brother, A, they wouldn’t go over so well.  I don’t see him wanting a hand crafted canvas about why I love being his sister.  Catch my drift?

Know your audience, allow for enough time to plan and be original. It’s really not rocket science, but I think it’s a good skill to have.

Question:  What unique talent do you have?


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