The Thankful Project: Day 1

I found this awesome challenge over at and thought it would be an amazing way to share myself with you guys beyond fitness, Tone It Up and recipes. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still be posting new recipes (I have a great entree option coming your way!) and showcasing my progress with Tone It Up, but we can all use a little bonus info, right?

The idea behind The Thankful Project is to follow a different writing prompt each day leading up to Thanksgiving for a total of 28 days of intentional gratitude.  What an amazing idea, right?  So, I’ll be playing catch-up for a few days until I am back on track! Here is Day 1, below.

The Thankful Project Prompt List

I believe in cherishing seasons in our life and right now, there is so much I have to be thankful for!

Day 1 (November 1): A Person

Let’s start this off talking about the woman in my life that has stuck by me through the best, the worst and the in between.  My older sister.

R's Graduation

My older sister, R, is the second mother most little girls never realize they need.  And, while most of the time growing up, I hated hearing her say things like, “take a bath, brush your teeth, comb your hair” I secretly loved having her there for me during my parent’s divorce, remarriages, and throughout everything else.

Sure, we have had our fair share of rocky patches, but what lifelong relationship wouldn’t?  Even through all of the bickering, distance and some disapproving glares (on both of our parts), she has been my very best friend.  She is the woman I couldn’t  fathom anywhere but right at my side on my future wedding day; the most incredible future Auntie R to my LONG down the road little babies and the Big Sis that little girls dream of.  

My relationship with my sister is the most solid friendship I have ever experienced.

Christmas Eve Dinner photo 2 (2)

In middle school I wrote an essay about my relationship with my sister that I hope I have buried away in a box somewhere.  The part of the essay that sticks out more than anything, even now, is that I basically compared my sister to a cooler version of Barbie. And, dang, that hasn’t changed a bit.  My sister is my very own real-life cooler-than-Mattel Barbie.  Not available for purchase.  A special, personalized edition, not for sale in stores and NO, I will not share her.

She’s the best role model I could ever picture.  R is not perfect, but she has become the most self-aware person I know.  She knows her strengths: empathy, intelligence, motivation, drive, humor, kindness, and MANY MANY others.  But, she also recognizes things or areas she could improve on and makes strides to better herself in every imaginable way.

I love you very much, R, and I hope you know how proud I am to be your Little Sister. You are my person.

Question: Who is YOUR person?


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