But, What DO You Eat?

Since launching the blog, I realized I haven’t really given you a snapshot into my daily life, food and workouts.  This post may be a little off because I’m currently doing the 5 Day Slim Down (5DSD) in the Tone It Up (TIU) Nutrition Plan, but I eat Lean, Clean and Green approximately 85-88 percent of the time.


Here is what I ate yesterday on 10/21/2013: Day 1 of the 5DSD 

Breakfast/M1 at 9 am: “Banana Split” – banana with nonfat, plain Greek yogurt and raspberries *can sub strawberries or a cherry

Tankini/Extra Hydration at 11 am: green tea

One Piece/M2/Piece of Fruit at 11 am: apple

Tankini/Extra Hydration at 1:45 pm: lemon water

Lunch/M3 at 1:45 pm: romaine and spinach salad with tuna, 1 TBSP balsamic

Smoothie/M4 at 4 pm: slim down smoothie (almond milk, ice, frozen banana, brown rice protein powder)

WorkOut/WO from 5-6:30 pm: 4 mile run, slim & toned arms x3 and sexy sculpted shoulders x3

Dinner/M5 at 7 pm: sauteed shrimp with red onion, lemon, coconut oil, garlic, cayenne and pepper with steamed broccoli

Water Consumption: 90 oz

The shrimp creation I came up with was really good and satisfying!  I added frozen prawns (you can certainly use fresh, I am just cheap), coconut oil, chopped red onion, garlic and fresh squeezed lemon juice to a  small/medium pan and cooked on each side for about 3-5 minutes.  I also added some cayenne and pepper to the mix.


Question: What do your typical daily meals look like?


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