Tell Me Your Opinion on the “What’s Your Excuse?” Ad

Let’s chat candidly here.  Have you seen this? Or this? I have added the photo below which I saved from the Yahoo article.


I honestly want to hear your reaction.  My readers are REAL people and I need some real opinions on this.  I know how I feel, but am looking for various perspectives on the topic.  Maria Kang, the mom posing in the photo, has received TONS of feedback on this photo.

*Please keep posts PG13 and do not ATTACK the other party.  That’s not what I’m looking for.  I’m looking to hear your thoughts, feelings and responses to this ad.


7 thoughts on “Tell Me Your Opinion on the “What’s Your Excuse?” Ad

  1. I think this is an AWESOME example of why no one should have an excuse. Becoming and staying fit is not that hard, it just takes a commitment. I like the ad, and with more people in this would would realize they too could be fit if they would throw the excuses out the window!

  2. I didn’t expect that this photo would get so much negative feedback… It’s great and very motivating! I guess, different people have different prespectives…

    • I agree, Joy. I don’t think she was trying to say, “Look what I can do that you aren’t doing,” but perhaps if the slogan read something about balancing kids and fitness it would have been perceived differently to those in opposition. Who knows. I hope I look that good pre-kids, not to mention post-kids!!!

      • Yea I know what you mean… I guess the slogan was a little ‘direct’ so some people find it offensive. Well… regardless how we look pre / post-kids… being happy is most important… Cheers!

  3. I too thinks its amazing. I also believe if you want something bad enough you’ll find a way to get it. Even if its a fit sexy body after having children. The heading says it all “whats your excuse” there isnt one. Do it!

  4. I can see both sides. I give the woman a ton credit for taking and making the time to be in that kind of shape. Babies and kids take a ton of time and energy. I know for her to be in that kind of shape was not easy, and she should be proud of what she accomplished.

    With that being said, it can come across as rude or rub people the wrong way. Her intent was good, but it is a poor choice of words in my opinion. It is dangerous business to paint with a board brush, and in a way that sounds like what she is doing. Some people might have great reasons for not being in that kind of shape. A single parent working two full time jobs, and the list could go on and on. Women seem to be very hard on other women and that might be part of the reason what she posted might have upset other people.

    Maybe if she said something like: “we all have obstacles that can get in the way” or “despite my struggles I got this body and so can you” it might have played differently. Now there are some people that would have gotten mad and hated on the woman no matter what. However, I think the issue isn’t so much what she said, but how she said it that got so many people fired up.

    I don’t know the woman in the above picture or her story. To me there are much bigger problems in this world than this photo, but we live in a society where stuff like this becomes a bigger issue than it should. Same thing happened with Milly Cyrus a couple of months ago.

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