Appreciating Moments of Awe and Wonder

I’ve been thinking and reflecting a lot this week about the idea of Awe/Wonder.  It all started on Sunday at church.  (Side Note: Don’t worry, I am not going to dive deep into my faith/what you should or shouldn’t believe.  I am just simply discussing Awe and Wonder here.)  

The service was about “O” and is part of a larger, 12 word series that we are embarking on this year.  Kent Dobson, the teaching pastor at Mars Hill, was discussing the definition of Awe and he quoted another scholar saying that Awe is defined as, “I am not in charge and it’s wonderful.”  How powerful is that?  I am not in charge and it is wonderful.  It’s my new mantra.



Having struggled with anxiety for the majority/entirety of my life, putting my faith in someone else’s hands is extremely challenging for me.  This simple definition of such a small, but powerful word truly opened my eyes and allowed me to evaluate the last time I’ve felt Awe or Wonder.  I have added some photos to this post of moments over the last few months that have been eye-opening to me or remind me of those Wonder moments we come upon in life.


It really puts life in perspective when you have a hard time visualizing that moment.  It shows I overlook the everyday beauty and wonder in the ordinary or try to minimize or subdue moments that are truly wonderful by rationalizing them in my mind or skipping over the act of letting myself feel joy.  This is something I’m continuing to improve upon and pray about: I am not in control and it is wonderful.  Awe.


Question: When was the last time you experienced a moment of pure joy, awe and wonder?  What was it?


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