Meal of the Month: One Pan Lemon Chicken

I am a sucker for anything requiring less kitchen clean up post-meal.  This quick and nutrition packed dinner does just that — saves me time preparing the meal and (added bonus) saves me time doing dishes afterward.

Lemon Chicken

Just before flipping: Chicken breast, chopped carrots, lemon slices, red onion and spice mixture.

Lemon chicken with a kick of spice has always been a meal I’ve truly enjoyed.  Throughout high school and college, it was my go-to meal (when I wasn’t a vegetarian) to make on the fly after a busy day of dance/class/sorority events.  It never fails to hit the spot.  Another added bonus — it reheats perfectly the next day for a quick meal on-the-go.

One Pan Lemon Chicken Recipe


4-5 chicken breast tenders

1 lemon, sliced (I used approximately 5 wedges/slices)

Fresh chives, rough chopped (I used about 1/8 cup and you can sub parsley)

Carrots, I used 8 chopped baby carrots

Red onion, I used about 1/4 diced red onion (can sub any onion you desire – white, green, vidalia, sweet, etc)

Garlic, I used 1 clove

Spices: pepper, red pepper flakes (or cayenne), smoked paprika, Mrs. Dash (if desired)


Preheat large skillet or grill pan with 1 TBSP. oil of your choice; I used coconut oil.  Add chicken breast tenders and cook for 5-8 minutes.  Add chopped carrots.  While carrots and chicken breast are cooking, chop red onion and rough chop the fresh chives.  Add spice mixture (without the chives) to the top of each chicken breast.  Squeeze lemon slice on top of individual chicken breasts then top breast meat with lemon wedge in pan.  Add chopped onion.  Continue allowing the chicken to cook the remaining time on side 1.


This picture shows the dish post-flip after I added the red onion, chives, spice mixture and lemon wedges.

After 5-8 minutes has elapsed, remove lemon wedges from chicken breast and flip them.  Add fresh chives at this point.  Top this side of chicken breast with spice mixture and previously removed lemon wedges.  Allow to cook approximately 5 minutes or until thoroughly cooked through.  Then, remove from heat, serve and enjoy!


The Lemon Chicken is ready to eat!

I typically pair this recipe with a steamed green veggies like green beans, broccoli, kale/spinach, etc.  It makes for a wonderful healthy and filling meal that’s perfect after a long run or HIIT workout.

Here’s a collage of how it all came together:

Picture of finished product



Question: What’s your favorite one pot or go-to recipe in a pinch?  I’m looking for some quick ones to add to my meal list!


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